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Dance has no nationality, no color, no border and speaks only one language:

"The Body Language"

Soraya Gradolf

Not a day goes by that my body doesn't even indulge in the music. No matter your age, fitness level or mood, dancing gives you a lot more than you think. It is freeing, fun and good for the soul, body and spirit. At the age of 9 I took my first steps in the Tanzloft Bülach; immediately the fire was kindled. Since then I have been training several times a week and have gained diverse experience in jazz dance, ballet, modern and hip-hop (Tanzloft, tanzwerk101, ASVZ, ahadance, centerstage, KZU Bülach, France). Turning the music up all the way and "exchanging ideas" is almost a part of my day like brushing my teeth. In the summer of 2016, I successfully completed my training as a jazz dance teacher at IsaDance. I pass on what I have learned with a lot of fun, joie de vivre and energy.

Open choreography class

Produced by Proyecto Cultura-Fusion by Julio C. Frómeta





Schlosserstrasse 4

8180 Buelach


Sonia Bianco

Telephone : +41 79 755 03 01     

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