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Dance has no nationality, no color, no border and speaks only one language:

"The Body Language"

Sonia Bianco 
overall management

At the age of 6, Sonia began taking classes in classical dance, jazz, flamenco and step dance at a private ballet school.   Later she continued her education in various dance schools in Switzerland (Colombo Zurich, Arena 225 and many more).   At the age of 22 she traveled to America to attend Steps on Broadway and the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance in New York. There she deepened her knowledge of jazz and hip hop (street dance) and her passion for dance. Back from the States, many shows followed, such as "The Dome", shows for BMW and Nike, and in 1999 Sonia completed her one-year dance training at the Colombo Dance Academy in Zurich.  Sonia soon discovered another very big passion;  Salsa Cubana and since then she has been "addicted" to it.  Started with salsa at the salsa school in Bülach/Wallisellen and then developed further with workshops at home and abroad. Sonia taught   ballet, hip hop and jazz to children and adults and since 2014 she is also a Zumba instructor. 

For her dance has no nationality, no colour, no border and it only speaks one language: 
"The body language!"

Zumba instructor

Produced by Proyecto Cultura-Fusion by Julio C. Frómeta





Schlosserstrasse 4

8180 Buelach


Sonia Bianco

Telephone : +41 79 755 03 01     

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