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Dance has no nationality, no color, no border and speaks only one language:

"The Body Language"

Connie Ferrara



I started my classical and modern dance training at the age of six. 

Started studying at the Academy, Professional Dance Center "New Age" of I.Sultanov and I. Goliandin. Graduated in collaboration with the Theater Royal S. Carlo and dancer from Naples, Cinzia Marchitto, as a teacher of the classical repertoire. During these years I learned and studied with Francesca Lettieri TV dancer, Roberto Baiocchi teacher of modern jazz and with the Argentine teacher Pamela Lenzu for the discipline of flamenco, Giuseppe Protano ballet teacher and Sergio Cunto TV dancer.

At the age of 14 I started studying classical and modern dance at Rita Stabile's Professional Dance Center "Ars Monvendi", where I took courses and passed them successfully. Here, with Rita Stabile (Ballet), Loredana Martini(Modern-jazz), Luigi  Fortunato(Modern-Contemporany), Mattia Caputo (Modern), Alessio di Stefano, Fabrizio Gallo and Simone Lolli (Pas de deux) learned. Then I worked with Claudia Zaccari (Ballet), Guy de Bock (Modern-Contemporany), Tuccio Rigano (Ballet), Margherita Trajanova (Ballet), Franco Bellani (Modern), Antonella di Prospero (Ballet), Daniela Migliacci(Ballet) and Donatella Bertozzi (History of Dance) and the whole thing perfected.

I have attended many stages in Rome at the "Accademia Nazionale" and AID. She also took part in many shows (musicals) as a dancer and also as a choreographer.

Produced by Proyecto Cultura-Fusion by Julio C. Frómeta





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