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Dance has no nationality, no color, no border and speaks only one language:

"The Body Language"

Hip hop, K pop

Lorena Bianco

Lorena also comes from a family that has always danced. At the age of 3 she accompanied her mother (dance teacher) to ballet lessons. Lorena started dancing early on. Later she found her great passion in hip hop and the styles that go with it. She learned her first dance steps from her mother in jazz and hip hop. After that, she began to deepen her knowledge of dance at the Marciano and Minasi dance school in Bassersdorf and taught various hip hop styles, e.g. old school hip hop, popping & locking, break dance and jazz. After several years of intensive training, Lorena was looking for a new challenge. She found this in the dance company American School of Dance (ASD) led by Andrew Veluz Resurreccion. With the dance crew ASD Allstarz   she has already mastered several dance competitions and shows. Three TV appearances on Swiss TV (SRF) on "Marf Ich Bitten", she can be seen in many dance videos, each with a solo part directed by Andrew, e.g. "I Don't Care", has collected over 1M views on Youtube.

For Lorena, dancing is just as much a part of life as eating. Whether on the go, in the kitchen or in the dance hall, a short freestyle session is always part of it.

Produced by Proyecto Cultura-Fusion by Julio C. Frómeta





Schlosserstrasse 4

8180 Buelach


Sonia Bianco

Telephone : +41 79 755 03 01     

EMAIL -      

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